Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Gaming: More Burning Post-Apocalyptic Rome. Catastrophic flood, we killed a witch, and evacuated the neighborhood saving them from the long-beard horde.

Home stuff: Traci came through town on Sunday. Good times. Also got a storm door put on. Very nice.

Movies: Troll Hunter. Loved it. Check it out via Netflix instant.

Sick: Some kind of sinus garbage the last three days.

Babies: Have been alternating wakeful nights. Also they have learned to clap. At night it's crying though, not so much the clapping.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


More and more I'm taking less and less time to keep this thing updated. I've been thinking about moving over to Blogger, but until I start devoting some time consistently to hammering out some posts I figure I may as well stay put.

Was good to see Isaac. Ben ran some Apocalypse World in lieu of normal Friday gaming, and we were joined by Tony and Isaac's friend from Santa Fe, Joel. I played a Brainer named Marsh and quickly and boldly pushed the game off the rails. So much off the wall shit that at one point Isaac remarked, "Why the hell are we doing this?" Lots of craziness that ended with Tony and I, after I killed half the hardhold with a brain-grenade, taking over the place while the rest of the group hightailed it out of town to get away from us. Definitely the best game of AW I've played.

Traci came out that weekend too. We did a lot of hanging around here (what with babies), except for a night out when Mom babysat. We hit up De La Vega's and rounded out the night at Alex's new place drinking and listening to music with Joe Victor till late. We wrapped the weekend with taking the kids over to Alex's for a housewarming party. We kept them out past their bedtime, but they did great.

Dad's been out since last Thursday. He's taking off in the morning to head back to Alabama. Didn't do up much while he's been here, but hopefully it's been good times with the grandkids for him. He did knock some much needed yardwork/housework off my list. And we've been cooking a bunch too, which is always good.

Been trying to get after reading more, and have pushed through a good chunk of Clash of King's in the past week.

Oh, and I got a 'new' phone. Picked up a used Droid Incredible. It's taking some getting used to. Amazing how much different two Droid interfaces can be.

Kids are doing good. The tiny pigtails Paige got at daycare the other day resulted, after they were taken out and she slept, in some hilarious hair this morning. And Owen, even after waking up early with a blowout, let me put him back to sleep and hold him in the recliner for an hour or so. That's pretty great.

Heading to Carlsbad on Friday. Go go go.