Saturday, February 25, 2012

Technical Improficiency

Burrito Quest has been happening for around 3.5 years now.  I just stumbled upon how to make iTunes pick up the recordings.  Of course, I never took the time to look into it so...  Anyway, looks like there is some way they parse blogger posts that looks for links to audio files only in the body, apparently ignoring title enclosure links.  Oh, and it also looks for any text preceding the link to add to the description block.  So, if I want iTunes to pick up the feed for these things I may have to go back and reformat.  That or look into the settings on the iTunes side.  Either way, based on past performance that may not be happening any time soon.

Tonight is date night for Carrie and I.  I like to think that the title of this post does not apply directly to that.  Just saying.

And yes, it's improficiency.  And yes, I had to look it up.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Stay on Target

Current home/life schedule goes something like this:
  • Wake up and try to get out of the house between 6:30 and 7:30; dirty diapers and/or breakfast making falling mostly to Carrie.
  • 20 minute drive, then work for 9 hours from the time I get there.
  • Home between 4:30 and 5:30, play with the kids a little before we eat dinner.
  • I clean up from dinner while Carrie bathes the kids.
  • More play-time, generally coupled with Sesame Street on the tv till 7:30 or 8.
  • Read to the kids then put them to bed.
  • Watch tv/read/internet till 10:00 or 11:00, then lights out.
  • (Every other Friday off)
The minutiae, I know.  But when Owen and Paige were born we quickly found out how necessary it was to have a schedule.  So much so that sometimes we forget that it's ok to break it.  Looking back on those early days, that bygone era of 16 months ago, it's hard to remember sometimes what that schedule looked like.  So this serves as a reminder as well.  Keeping to it can be a pain occasionally but given stories I hear from parents of single kids, when a schedule is needed less, makes me glad for it overall.  It'll change soon enough, anyway.  Currently Carrie and I both are trying to re-incorporate time for exercise.  She's joining a city soccer league, and I'm trying to get the dog and myself back out into the desert more.  As the time changes I think we're both looking forward to more daylight, so things like after-dinner walks with the kids become more feasible.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Having hair again is interesting.  I've been growing it out since Thanksgiving, or thereabouts.  Its gotten to the point now that going without a hat requires use of 'product.'  Last night I found an old jar of something called Surf Hair in the spare bathroom.  It works just fine, but it smells a lot less like the ocean, and a lote more like hairspray, then one might assume from its name.  I find myself thinking about googling hair junk to find one that doesn't smell like...much of anything.  Also, what do people tell barbers?  I've been shaving my head since I was 19, except for a brief flirtation with coiffure round about '01-'02, and even then I never knew what to tell those of the tonsurial arts when I sat down in the chair.

The beard...  Ugh, still upset about it.  I had achieved, through scratchy apathy, a decently long and scruffy face growth.  The kind of beard that made me look a bit mad all the time, or at least like my normal manner was broodish in nature.  Then I got a beard trimmer.  I immediately over-trimmed one side of my face, prompting an all-over trim of the same length.  It looked, to me, like I had shaved off about 10 years.  I'm concentrating as hard as I can to try to push this thing out of my face faster.


Hello, Blogger.

I may try to fancy this place up, but that'll have to be when I find some time.  For now I'm going to work on posting a couple times a week.

Friday, February 10, 2012


Put a deposit on refrigerated air install for next weekend. This summer we'll be coolerating in style.

Dad got in last night. Staying the weekend and doing a 5k with Carrie. And now we have and extra registration since Julie can't make it, so I might get enlisted to push the stroller.

Tonight, we Flament!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Exercise, done. Only 2 miles but every little bit helps. I'm back in the exercise challenge. Or more appropriately I'm not knowingly failing the exercise challenge this year. Plus it gets some exercise for Piper who I feel guilty about not giving enough attention to more often than not.

I found an old chat with Ben from '09 today in which we talk about Burrito Quest and gaming. And then I sign off by saying 'grandmas!'. Must have been when Mo Waldon was here....maybe.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It Cometh WIth Snot

The past week has been sickness all through the family.  Near as I can tell Owen was our own patient zero, followed by either Carrie or I, with Paige bringing up the rear.  It hit me last Sunday/Monday and lasted till about today.  Still not completely over it but much better since yesterday.

This past weekend we toted the kids out to Carlsbad for Julie and Rosss birthdays.  Was good to get out there and see 'em but also tough what with everyone not feeling well.  Made for a tiring weekend.  So much so that I came home from work after a couple of hours early on Monday.

Managed a session of Flamentations Friday before last.  A mini-dungeon crawl followed by a survival scenario and finally returning to a town beset by chaos.  Next session this Friday.

Pulled a 12-hour at work today.  Surprisingly, not that bad.  But then a 3 hour nap yesterday and staying busy all day today probably helped.

Oh, and I got a new nook.  Carrie was wanting to do more reading so she took my old one and I upgraded to a nook Simple Touch.  Very small, and very nice.  Still working through Dance with Dragons, but taking large chunks out at a time.  Carrie's been reading Bossypants and enjoying it, so I may hit that up next.  Or maybe Ready Player One, not too sure.