Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Almost Lost It

Lots of in-laws in town over the weekend. As always this meant lots of eating out. Couple that with my lack of exercise lately and I mad feeling less than healthy. Time change has afforded us more time in the evenings, to you know, get some exercise in and whatnot. But there still doesn't feel like enough of it to go around. Add to that my work schedule has started to include me working late every Tuesday and Thursday and the excuses start to pile up. Oh, also it's yard work and allergy season, so...

Jon's Cruces-bound this weekend to 1/2 Death March with mom. Beers on the roof seem in order.

Finished Ready Player One. I liked it, but I don't think I loved it. The nostalgia angle is always comforting but the conflict felt less than threatening once the story found its feet. The ending, while entertaining, didn't feel at all surprising. Now I'm on to Best Served Cold.

And thank Glob for Blogger's auto-save. This post almost went gallivanting about in the ether. It most likely would have been replaced by bitching about exclusively using and iPad for internets.

Monday, March 5, 2012


You know when you think about doing a thing, knowing that it could result in unwanted circumstances, and then you do it anyway?  Like, say, you perch your kids on the kitchen counter while you're fixing their lunch...  So, yeah, Paige fell off.  She was happily kicking her legs when I turned away for a second, and dropping to the tile floor when I turned back.  Luckily she fell straight down on her butt.  I quickly scooped her up to check for damage.  She cried for a minute or so, but was overall unscathed.  Owen, who I pulled off the counter as I was consoling Paige, cried longer at having to suddely be confined to ground level.  All in all, probably my worst dad moment.  Hearing other parents share similar, and sometimes worse, stories makes me feel a bit better about it, but still full of fail.

In other, more prosaic, home news we worked on lanscaping this weekend.  Pulled a bunch of river rock up to remove sediment from drainage along the side of the house, then put the rock back in place.  Also spread out some gravel and made the whole thing look very nice and tidy.  Of course, this is about the one part of our yard that we don't traverse much and really can't ever see.  But at least we know it looking good.  Plus it was sort of practice for doing about five times as much of the same to front yard.