Monday, April 30, 2012

6 Years

Yesterday was Carrie and I's six year anniversary. We celebrated by leaving Owen and Paige with Mom and heading up to a spa in T or C. A night (and maybe more importantly the next morning) of quiet was great. We soaked in hot mineral pools, had a nice dinner out, and just all around relaxed. Stopped by Sparky's in Hatch on the way back for some delicious BBQ. Carrie planned us a nice break from the constant go-go-go of parenthood.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A/C Nostalgia

Summer time in Mississippi can be miserable. As a kids, spending summers there visiting family, I tended not to notice it as much. One vivid memory from those days is running in from playing out in the sweltering heat and thrusting my face right up to the A/C vent. Whether kneeling in front of Mo Waldon's window unit, or laying down on the floor of Mo Raybelle's trailer, cool washes of conditioned air across my face always take me back to those days. The A/C we had installed this winter has kicked in in a big way of late. Those memories have been ever present of late.

ACKS & ack!

Last Friday we switched from Lamentations of the Flame Princess to Adventurer Conqueror King, keeping the same characters. Ben swapped from an expert to an explorer, Amy from an elf to an elven spellsword. Most of what like about LotFP lies in the setting it evokes, no necessarily the rules. ACKS seems more focused on the potential economics at work in a traditional D&D setting. We'll see how that works out, but given the focus in old school games on $=XP… Part of me, though, feels bad that we're not playing Dungeon World. Add to that D&D Next open playtesting starts up in less than a month. Gaming! There's always something new to play with.


Carrie, at some distant point in our past, was partial only to sweet (often cloyingly so) wines. Unfortunately while partial to them she didn't want to drink them very often. And so we found our wine rack and pantry filling up with Rieslings, Gewurtztraminers, and the like. I, being partial to not looking at the same wine bottles forever, decided to take it upon myself to slowly devour these overly sweet beverages. I made it through two bottles before neglecting my duty. I decided this weekend to get back after it. Made it through half a bottle of Relax Riesling before dumping the rest down the drain. Some wines are just worth it, apparently. This was the same wine Jon and Carrie slammed one New Years because they couldn't stand to drink it any other way. Not as bad as all that, I think, but not good for much beyond a headache either.

In other boozy news, I finally got around to starting my second batch of homebrew. Hopefully this one will taste better than the first.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Man Date Movie Night

Alex and I; Wrath of the Titans. It was pretty much what you'd expect. Qui Gon Jin and Voldemort fought each other then worked together, Ares pulled a pile driver on Perseus, and a giant lava monster wrecked the world before being blown up (second Death Star style) from the inside out by a lightning bolt. Oh, and surprisingly Beebo made an brief appearance. Given how much I disliked the remake of Clash of the Titans I wasn't expecting much. Give me an impressively big lava monster, I thought. The Hollywood gods granted my wish.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Flament the Swamps

Wrapped up a six or seven session run of Lamentations of the Flame Princess last Friday. Ben and Amy's characters finally made their way out of the shiftiness that was Port Herrod and the surrounding swamps. In the course of things they explored an ancient temple of ocean gods, unleashed a horde of people-possessing jellyfish, rescued an ancient elven sorcerer, battled shape changing creatures from beyond space, and made a bittersweet deal with some slavers to get back home.

We've decided to switch up the system to Adventurer Conqueror King for the return to civilization. I dig the idea of switching up similar (or maybe even dissimilar) systems to evoke different bits of the setting. Wonder how far afield we could take that?


Out of shape in more way than one, blog shape included.

Tucson was fun, but I tweaked my back again just before leaving. A weekend on the road made for a lot of not being able to get comfortable. Ended up spending half of last week at work on darvocet. Would have stayed home but Paige came down with something that kept her home, fighting low-grade fever most of the week.

Nice weather has us getting the kids out into the back yard more. Seeing them run around and play, whether on the trampoline or slide,is pretty great.

Friday, April 6, 2012


Heading out to Tucson for Nathan's White Coat ceremony. Luckily, I threw my back out 30 minutes before we're supposed to leave. Percocet to the rescue!