Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ye Olde Gayme

The LotFP turned ACKS game died a swift death last Friday night, culminating in a total party kill. A couple things likely promoted us deciding not to continue on with new characters. One was a disconnect between my desire to focus on running a strictly old school game and what the players likely were interested in playing. The other was me not having the time outside of play to learn the rules to the degree that my desire for rules accuracy necessitated. We had a good time when we focused on the game, I think, but the frequent moments when I turned to the book to make sure we got the rules right got in the way of the overall enjoyment. For me, and I assume for everyone else. I still want to do some old school stuff but I think me running it, beyond a one-shot maybe, will have to wait until I have the free time to get after it the way I want to.

Impending travel to Carl-Bad caused me to write up some quick rules for a Halo game. And before the comments about free time pop up, it was generally done during downtime at work. The rules feel like a mashup, maybe, of Lady Blackbird and Dungeon Squad. We'll see if Ross and I can fit in some time to try them out.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Man Date Movie Night

Alex and I; Cabin in the Woods. One probable gauge of our enjoyment of this move was the amount of snarky comments made during the show. These were considerably less than with
WotT. Pretty good movie overall. And the unicorn cracked me up. Sharing the theater with only a couple of other dudes, just the way I like it.