Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Wrap-up

We had our first non-busy, non-traveling, non-visitor weekend in what seems like a very long time.  Carrie did an excellent job of keeping herself and the twins occupied for the past two months.  Here are some highlights (aside from what I've already posted).
  • Flo-rida: In mid June we took a family trip to Fort Walton Beach.  Carrie bundled Paige and Owen up with Julie, Rocky, Ross, and Jalie and drove cross country.  I flew.  The original plan was that I would drive with them and maybe fly back, depending on leave from work, but by the time my schedule cleared up the van was full.  I know, hardships.  Dad rented a condo for us and brought Derek (fresh out of Space Camp) down with him.  Spent all week hanging out at the beach, eating seafood, and getting sunburned.  The kids didn't like the beach much at first (sand and loud surf and all) but they warmed up to it by the end.  Also, it turned out Carrie's friend (who also has friends) was visiting their beach house in the area so we got to hang out there some too, which was good because the water was much calmer.
  • Sage-fest '12: Sage and Sarah got married!  Mom watched the kids and we spent the weekend in Silver City.  Got to see the happy couple tie the knot and hang out with Isaac, Jenni, Ben, Amy, Paul, and Shannon.
  • ColoRADo: Drove up to visit Jon round mid July.  Took Ross and Jalie with us and had an all round good time.  Hit up some good breweries and an awesome burger joint for a 60/40 burger, 60% beef, 40% bacon.  100% delicious.
  • Aside from all that, we had a slew of visitors and happenings that kept us generally busy pretty much for the past two months.
This post seems especially apt since Paige and Owen started back to daycare today.  They headed into the two-year-old room, which is kind of crazy since they're about 3 months early.  But they've grown a hell of a lot over the summer.  Their vocabulary especially, as they're not only repeating back whatever we ask them too, but using words we don't expect (octopus) and stringing together words as well (apple sauce).

Look at that, I managed one more blog post before July was out.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Hat-Trick of Kennys

Every dinner I ate this weekend was with Kenny and Gail. Friday we got together with Ben and Amy at De La Vega's, then back to their house for Shadows Over Camelot. Saturday Carrie and I went to see Amazing Spiderman then met Kenny and his family plus Larry at Si Senor's. (Amazing Spiderman was just meh, too much rehashed story.) Sunday, based partly on a rumor that the last Lorenzo's might be closing down, we got take out at our house with Kenny and Gail and Julie and Ross and Jalie and Alex and Nathan. I tend to be pretty bad to keeping in touch with folks who I'm not interacting with regularly, even if they live in the same town. (See: Larry and the guys.) So this weekend was a good chance to catch up with some folks I haven't seen for years. Was especially good to see Lencho, as I've felt bad about not getting in touch with him in so long.  Turns out Ed is running a 1st ed D&D game on Mondays, can't make it regularly, but I may have to try for a cameo.

Friday, July 6, 2012


Piper's been doing pretty good lately. After she lost three or 4 pounds around the end of winter, which is something like 10% of body weight, I think we've got her eating back under control. I'll take her back in the next week or two to get her weighed again and, hopefully, if she hasn't gained any weight, she's at least stabilized. Also, which is good for me too, I've been trying to get her out for walks again two or three times a week. This involves me getting up at 5:30 or so getting out on the levee before I go to work, which, given the heat lately, has been nice and cool. The other thing I've been doing on these walks is using bloggers speech to text function on my phone to get some blogs laid out. Thank you, pocket robot.


Not as many kids as last year but we had a pretty good barbecue on fourth. Burgers and dogs, beer, broke out the kiddie pools; all-around good time.

Busy busy busy

June flew by and it doesn't look like July's going to go any slower. Julie and the kids got into town last night, so did Kenny and Gail. They will all, minus Julie plus Carrie's parents, be in town till mid next week when we take off and head up to Colorado on another road trip. There're some other tentative plans between that and GenCon and then, bam! end of summer.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Poo Quest

Burrito Quest has once again fallen into disrepair. Not that we've failed, per se, but we're a month behind on burritos, given our self-imposed schedule, and just as far behind on me getting a recording out. Also, I think our last burrito may get disqualified on the grounds that they fucked up and got some meat in it from the grill when they prepared it. Need to step this shit up.

Monday, July 2, 2012


Sage's kickstarter for dungeon world closed out just around $82,000. That's pretty badass. In related news, he and Sarah got married this weekend. Mom watched the kids while Carrie and I went up to Silver City for the wedding; got to see Isaac and Jenny, Paul and Shannon. Lovely ceremony followed by a nice dinner, good times hanging out with good friends. After everyone was pretty tired but we managed to head out to a club nonetheless. Rounded out the weekend away with a nice breakfast with Isaac and Jenny, and Ben and Amy. Jackassing around with Isaac this weekend makes me realize how much I miss that guy. Note: his unicorn mask birthday present in the attached picture.