Monday, August 20, 2012

GenCon Day Four

More exhibit hall, mostly to pick up gifts. Sunday is family fun day at GenCon and the abundance of kids and strollers was apparent. After shopping I played in another Regiment game with Paul, Ben, and Amy before we hit up an early dinner. Then it was back to the Embassy for happy hour, a game of Cthulhu Dark, and conversations and Cards Against Humanity. I can see why folks like that game so much, but much like Apples to Apples (unsurprisingly), it has a time limit before the humor becomes repetitive and less interesting. Got to bed later than I should have but earlier than past years. All in all another great GenCon. Can't wait to get home.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

GenCon Day Three

Mostly skipped breakfast and hit the exhibit hall just after opening. Perused for a bit, ran into Epidiah for a brief chat, the headed up to Games on Demand. Ben, Amy, and I played in a Mortal Coil game set in a jazz and voodoo-heavy '20s Louisiana full of ghosts and skinchangers. Pretty good stuff. After, we brought Thai tofu burritos back to the room and knocked out a Burrito Quest episode. Tried for a quick nap, failed, then back to the exhibit hall where I succeeded in finding a gift for Carrie, and made some other small purchases. Just about closed the hall out then made our way back to happy hour. Tried to meet up with the Riddles for dinner with a bunch of folks, but the wait times for a table, even for just a few people, was way too long. Instead we did take out from Weber's and brought it hack to the room. Rounded out the night by running a World of Dungeons game for Ben, Amy, Paul, Shannon, and Gregor. It was a blast and we were probably at it for four or five hours.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

GenCon Day Two

Much more refreshed having called it an earlier and less boozy evening, I spent the first bit of the morning watching Amy dye Ben's newly bleached hair blue. We then bagle-d over to the convention center, assembled some very cute paper D&D monsters for a free die, discovered the lines need to get other similarly free dice and bailed on them, wandered the exhibit hall purchasing various gaming whatsits, demo'd some Fantasy Flight Games games, hit up the Ram for lunch, popped into the Rio Grande Games room for a Dan-winning game of Dominion, discovered the huge line for Games on Demand and bailed on it, exhibit hall-ed again with more demo'ing, cruised back to the hotel for free happy hour, then rounded out the night with a play test of Paul's game Undying, more drinks, and general gamey conversation. Purchases: two LotFP modules - The Grinding Gear and Hammers of the Gods, Story Cards, Twenty Four Game Poems, Building an Elder God game, The Monster Alphabet.

Friday, August 17, 2012

GenCon Day One

Had one too many Guinness at the Diana Jones Awards Wednesday night and spent a bit if the morning trying to figure out if feeling mildly hungover while wandering the exhibit hall had positive or negative nostalgia value. Ate noodles twice, the Japanese Pan Noodles being superior to the Truffle Mac. Bought a copy of D&D Expert in awesome condition. Played a brief Red Dawn-inspired game of the Regiment. Much more fun than the longer game of ACKS I played later. I mostly blame the group size and the loudness of the Embassy lobby for that one. Old man Lofton even made it to bed at a reasonable hour.