Friday, November 9, 2012

Some Kind of Dude

Here's an impromtu recap I did of our D&D 4e (swansong?) game.  I forget a lot of the names of npcs until we're actually in-game.  Other details are probably wrong too.  Fun game though.

A wizard named Basterd summoned my awesome wizard-dude, Geldran, from the World of Giants to help some druid lady, Myra, fight some bad guys. The summoning didn't wear off when it should have so Geldran ran downstairs with Myra and the other warrior guy schmoe and helped them blast some goblins to pieces. Geldran got a portable hole.  Sweet!
Then the group ran over to the bad guy Jasper's hideout and almost kicked his ass (only running away a little) before Basterd showed up and made Jasper fly away.  Then Basterd was all, "Why are you still here?" to Geldran.  Then Geldran was all, "Why are you such a jerk?"  And Myra and warrior-guy were all, "Oooohhh." and "How come Basterd didn't turn him into a toad?"
Oh yeah, Geldran has a spellscar, like an electric blue glowing scar thing on his wrist/arm that seems to be growing as he gets more powerful.  Pretty cool.
Then Geldran bought a horse and he rode that while Myra and her spirit wolf and warrior-guy walked, and they went to Myra's village.  Myra was all, "Don't tell people you're a wizard or pyre-of-fire."  Geldran was like, "Pssh, I'm a goddamn wizard, I'll burn THEIR shit."
The villagers were kind of dummies but seemed ok.  Geldran shacked up with Myra and they decided to see what kind of shennanigans the goblins were getting up to.  They went off with warrior-guy and some lame (literally) tracker guy.  After a dust up with goblins near a waterfall they sent the schmoes back to town then went into the cave behind the waterfall.  They fought some other stuff, maybe zombies or something, then Geldran enacted a badass ritual that ramped up Myra's in-touch-with-nature-business so they could try to find out where the big evil in woods was.  Then they found some paladin-guy cooking lunch in the back of the cave.  Turns out he's blind-paladin-guy.  They went back to town with him, rounding up their schmoes on the way back.
Blind-paladin guy asked if anybody was a twin.  Everybody said no.  He said he got teleported here and figured we were all drawn here by the same power source.  So we went to a graveyard and fought some undead dudes that blind-paladin guy admitted to accidentally raising from the grave.  Then Jasper showed back up and we kicked his ass for reals.  We found out he was working for one of the big hoo-ha wizards of the land.  Then there was a debate about whether they should let him go but Geldran figured no and pyre-of-fired him with burning hands.

After some chatter and another badass ritual by Geldran we figured out there were several discrete evils being drawn to the area: goblins, undead, lizardmen.  And probably a giant, giants are teh suck, but they haven't been seen on this world in like forever.  Geldran totally thinks there are giants-in-hiding.
Then Geldran started a refurb on a shack in the village and somehow conned a whole bunch of people into working for him.  It was probably his sick magic skills.
Blind-pally guy told us there was some exiled priest guy around so we found him and he was really grumpy.  Then he told us about some kind of meteor that crashed in the area so we went there and there was like some psychic-echo-ghosts walking around.  So we found an old dwarf stronghold entrance and went down there to kick ass on some dark porcupine-beard dwarfs.  We went down into the nastybad and found their town where Geldran almost got killed by a sniper but we saved a bunch of villager prisoners and ran away, dropping the ceiling on the dark porcupine dwarfs following us.
We took the villagers back to town with us and Geldran gave them his shack to live in and shacked up with Myra again.  We figured that the meteor was bad news and that the bad wizard lady probably had so we decided to leave but first we closed up a dark porky-dwarf tunnel and put paid to the goblins.  Geldran said, "What about the lizardmen?" and Myra was like, "Fuck those guys." So we left town and went off to different city to try to recruit some wizard-ruler guy to help us take down the bad wizard lady.  While we were there we looked around for a seer in the ghetto and got attacked by some more dark porky-dwarfs.  Then the girl-seer said we should go out to some town in the wastelands and find a map that would help us get what we needed.
We went to talk to the wizard-ruler guy and he was like, "Yeah, I guess, but not right now."  So we left to go out to the ruined village.  We got there and fought some dudes and found the map.  And that's where we left it, I think.