Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Make Mine

I've taken to reading comics again lately. And by comics I mean superhero books, namely of the Marvel variety. I think something Sage mentioned about AvX piqued my interest, so I got a hold of that storyline and blazed through it. It lit a fire for more Marvel stuff. In the past week I've read that and all of Young Avengers. Now I'm turning toward the Marvel Now! releases. All this with a book half-finished and other novels clamoring for attention in my brains.

Current Read: A Betrayal in Winter
Reads Clamoring: One of Mieville's post-The City & The City books (Kraken, Embassytown, or Railsea), Ghost Brigades, The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making, Wildwood

Friday, December 14, 2012


I'm not sure how much the 'kiki' (pacifier) is a tool to provide Carrie and I to sleep rather than my kids. My guess is that it's at least in the 50/50 range, if not weighted more heavily in our favor. Despite this, until now, favorable coexistence, these suckerlings will be phased out after the holidays. The fact that Owen woke up crying after his early this morning does not bode well for this plan. Nevertheless!

A night out was had at the Reddest of Lobsters last night. Booths have become the seating arrangement of choice when dining out with the kids. It provides for a somewhat corralled freedom of movement for Paige and Owen, which in turn frees Carrie and I from constantly trying to keep them in their chairs. As yet they have not shown interest in sliding underneath the table, so there's that to look forward to. I had a brief moment of nostalgic clarity when Paige (whose attachment to me means I get to corral her more often in these situations) wouldn't stop staring over the top of the booth seat at the patrons seated behind us. I, of course, told her to stop rubber-necking, and was instantly transported to a restaurant in Austria or Switzerland circa 1982, when the same comment by my very own father, set his kids to laughing and craning their necks in what was, for them, rather a humorous fashion. Not, I think, his intent.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Open for Business

Nyquil dreams last night: I threw someone out of our office at work for calling a coworker an asshole. Then another guy came in and tried to start a fight with me so I put him in an arm lock until security came to collect him.

When the kids became mobile we installed a fence of sorts in front of he couch table that serves as our entertainment center.  Last year the addition of a few sections made it so the Christmas tree was blocked off as well.  This year when we put the tree up, the whole affair looked a bit sad, fanced off like that.  So we I took the whole fence down the other night.  So far so good.  The only real worry about the whole thing, beyond having to pick up any dvds or video games that get scattered across the floor, is that behind the entertainment center are the only accessible electrical outlets that actually have things plugged into them.  We're watching you, Owen and Paige.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Should Do This More Often

Since last time:

I hiked the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim. Given a general lack of training on my part it went pretty well. If anything it mostly affected my recovery time. The scenery was, of course, amazing.

Owen and Paige turned 2. Had a great party with lots of friends and family.

I turned 38!

Gaming ground to a standstill with various travel and whatnots. Played in a session of Apocalypse World this past Saturday, was good. Was good...

Decided to put the renovation project on hold, for the patio. We're in saving mode, trying to build the money to get the job done, rather than depleting savings to do it.

The tree is pretty sweet. It finally dropped its leaves, and the yard is, for the first time, littered with leaves. Hopefully it established well enough to make it though the winter. Should be fine given how large a tree we bought.

Had a low key Thanksgiving with Mom and Nette. Made way more food than needed, as is the wont of that holiday.

Finished the firs of the Long Price Quartet and started the second, Betrayal in Winter. Good series, but I think I may pause after this one and read Ghost Brigades.

Burrito Quest is on track for a possible successful trek. It would be our first since BQ1 if it happens.