Monday, March 25, 2013

Moving On Over

Gaming has changed of late. Over the course of five or six months, after GenCon, I figured we had gotten together for Friday gaming about 8 times. The Saturday Apocalypse World game Ben was running seemed to be meeting more often and had more people playing in it, being a drop-in-drop-out game. With all that, when Ben and Amy decided to start up and open-house style dinner night on Fridays I took the opportunity to shift over to Saturdays instead of Friday. So far it feels like we've been gaming more, but that may just be a short term thing. With Ben looking at putting together a similar casual group on Fridays there could be more opportunity for schedule flexibility, which would be nice.


Friday was my last Friday off on a compressed schedule. The entire office has been moved to a straight-eight schedule. The reasoning, from everything we can tell, appears to be because upper management felt inconvenienced. Putting that aside, my new work schedule looks like it will go some thing like, M&W: 6am-2pm, T&Th: 9am-5pm (10-6 until the newest shift worker gets up to speed.) This morning, the first week of the new schedule and we're already off-schedule, I don't go in till 10. Even sleeping in, this morning has had an abundance of time. That means on mornings like this I need to get up as early as I do on my early days and get out for a job before work.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Little Lady

Mom took Owen for the day, Carrie went shopping, and I had Paige. We did some shopping and went to Wendy's for lunch. Fairly prosaic but it was good to have some time, just the two of us.