Tuesday, May 7, 2013


We’ve started swim classes with the kids. We’re three sessions in and have had them in the water about five times total since around the time we started. It’s been pretty fun, but I can see why all we’ve really done so far is get them used to being in the water. Owen takes a lot longer to warm up to the idea, pretty much every time.  Paige less so, but despite seeming to take to being in the water faster she’s more obstinate about what she’s unwilling to do, swim wise. For now we’re trying to make it to class every Monday, with occasional trips to their Friday night free swim.

Find It

Carrie lost her phone this weekend. Probably left it at Pic Quik. We’re pretty sure someone walked off with it. Once she figured it was missing I popped open the Find iPhone app on my phone and took a look. It dropped a pin somewhere out Del Rey. Definitely not our house. My first thought is maybe the gps is just way off, so I hit the Play Sound button on the Find app. No noise nearby, but the app reports that her phone’s gps just shut off. I hit the next button in the list, Lost Mode, which locks the phone down so it can only be used to call whatever number you give it. Shortly after that her phone turned off. I ended up taking a drive out to where the pin dropped, but couldn’t really remember much beyond which corner it was, so I knocked on some doors and got about what I expected, nothing. Next I called Verizon and they blacklisted the phone’s serial number. Lastly, I hit the last option on the Find app, which is Erase Data. If the phone connects to a network again it’ll get a signal to erase all data on the phone. It’s doubtful that whoever has it could get anything from it since nothing aside from Facebook and Blogger has a stored password and neither of those appears to have been messed with. This could have been a much bigger pain in the ass, but we’ve got insurance and should have her phone replaced today or tomorrow. She uses it for work a lot, but mine just sits in a locker all day, I just forwarded her number to mine and let her have for the past few days. Anyway, location app, get one for your phone, or turn it on. Well worth it.