Saturday, November 9, 2013


Gaming, since moving to Saturdays, has pretty much averaged out to about once every 3 weeks. We did Apocalypse world a whole bunch. Then switched over to Monster Hearts for two sessions. Monster Hearts had one bad and one good session. The bad was the first, where we were trying to figure out the game, not really grokking at first what the game was trying to do, trying to force it to be a murder mystery instead of high school drama. The second session focused on a high school costume dance, and had a lot more interesting player v. player conflict. In the end a couple of flubbed rolls resulted in a teacher, who had dressed as a Ghostbuster for the dance, ending up with a functioning proton pack and trying to bust the ghost character. Lots of fun in that second session. But pretty much everyone in our group is in agreement that Monster Hearts isn't the game we want to be playing on a regular basis.

Next I ran two modules worth of Dungeon Crawl Classics. Sailors on the Starless Sea for the 0-level character funnel, and Doom of the Savage Kings for the follow-up level 1 adventure. It went pretty well but while everyone seemed to have fun, it's not the game most folks in the group are interested in playing regularly.

Next up I was going to run Apocalypse World, partly so that Ben could have some time as a player instead of MC. That may have fallen through with most folks being out of town for the weekend. Looking like Tony, Charles, and I might get together for Dungeon World tonight in the interim.

Want more gaming.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Baby Steps

Gonna try to get back into the rhythm of this thing.

The kids turned three last Tuesday. Crazy. We were scheduled for their 3-year wellness exam at the doctor today. So Owen spiked a fever last night with his tonsils and lymph nodes swollen up to the size of grapes. That resulted in me getting about 4 hours of sleep, going in to work around 4:30am and taking a couple hours off later in the day so Carrie could go to work awhile. We kept the appointment with the doctor, Owen getting checked out and going on antibiotics, and Paige getting her wellness exam. She got a flu shot too, which went amazingly well. She only started to protest as the nurse was finishing up and didn't cry at all. I thank the Daniel Tiger episode about going to the doctor and getting shots for that. Carrie got a shot too and was forced to make a brave face for the kids' sake.