Saturday, January 31, 2015


Isaac was in town for Amtgards this weekend. Met up with him at Spotted Dog Thursday night. Their amber ale is delicious. And there was parking this time, unlike when mom and I tried to go a few weeks ago. Haven't had a chance to just sit and chat with Isaac for a while, was refreshing. Wish he was still living in Cruces. Friday we picked up El Sombrero Express and had him over for dinner and to visit with the whole family. Isaac graciously helped me slay the Smaug Stout I got for Xmas while we watched Frozen.

Alex stopped by for a little while before heading down to El Paso. His dad has had some recent health complications and his heart isn't doing good. They're just starting up home hospice. Sad.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


I looked back at old LiveJournal entries yesterday, expecting to be mostly embarrassed at whatever it was I was talking about 10 years ago. Or at least bored. I wasn't expecting to be kicked in the gut by nostalgia. I had thought that all the minutiae would engender more boredom upon rereading but I think it frames all the other crap I was talking about and gives it context. Man, I had a lot of time on my hands back then.

So, what's home life like now...

Abigail May. She was born on September 22nd. Four months old now and I'm finding that equating this new baby to whatever we went through with the twins doesn't track. Carrie's mentioned more than once, since she was born, that we deserve medals for dealing with twin infants. I don't disagree. It's easier, for sure, but this time around Carrie and I have vastly different obligations. Since she's breastfeeding there's only so much I can contribute. But I'm doing what I can.

My day-to-day for the past four months has looked something like this:
Get up in the morning, feed Piper, shower, then we get Owen and Paige dressed and fed while they watch a little tv before daycare. One of us takes the twins to daycare and I'm off to work, generally getting in between 8 and 8:30. Work 8 hours then home where Carrie's picked up the kids. She's a lot better than I am about keeping the tv off till I get home most days. Then fix dinner, feed piper, and get the kids baths and into pjs. Let them watch a little tv before brushing their teeth, reading books, then into bed for them and Abigail. After the kids are down Carrie and I watch some tv then she goes to sleep and I stay up a while watching tv or reading (books or comics or internet). Sleep.

That's pretty accurate I think. It doesn't account for Monday being swim lessons for the kids, which means Wendy's (usually) for dinner. Or for when the kids were in soccer this past fall. Or when I get home and there's still some light out so we actually get outside for a little while.

Abigail starts daycare on Monday. Constant flux, this parenting thing.