Monday, August 17, 2015


We got solar panels installed last week. They're not quite up and running yet (installation of new electric meters by El Paso Electric still needs to be done) but they should put a heavy dent into the electric bill for the new house. That has proven, what with summer and all, to be expensive.

The new house is still coming together. Carrie and I have been trying to knock out several things every weekend, but the list of things to do (of varying immediacy) grows every week. The next big thing is getting the support posts on the back patio replaced. We knew this was going to have to happen when we moved in, but there has been some troubling compression of a decorative wall above the south corner post. We've got a quote though and should hopefully have it taken care of soon-ish.

Having an above-ground pool has proven to be less vexing than I thought it would be. Part of that was coming to the understanding that chemical balance on it is a broad, moving target and as long as we get somewhere in there the pool will mostly be fine.