Monday, April 18, 2016

Dad Solo*

Carrie went out of town for a work conference over the weekend. It was just me and the kids all weekend...and mom, who stayed over both nights. Mom went with us to a dance recital, to the mall, and cleaned the house while I took the twins out for frozen yogurt (and a beer for me!) She also hosted the kids at her house Sunday while I went to Walmart. Oh, and Saturday night Tracy brought Conner over Saturday night and cooked enchiladas for us. I had a lot of help and am grateful for it. Carrie thinks I had it too easy.

Jesse picked up and delivered a dog run for us over the weekend as well. It's going to serve as the fencing for the chicken coop. Now I just need to get chicken wire and try to predator-proof the thing as best I can. The chickens are getting big and are starting to investigate what's outside of the Rubbermaid tub we've kept them in up till now.

Last night, after Carrie got back, we cooked Sunday dinner. This makes 3 weeks in a row, I think? Maybe a solid month of having folks over on the weekend for at least one meal, whether Saturday or Sunday (or both.) Feels good to be entertaining. And since we don't really live in a close-knit neighborhood I like he feeling of providing the kids some minor sense of community. Anyway, Alex and mom were over for fajitas and we ate out on the patio. We'll probably be doing a lot more of that in the near future.

Abby woke up around 3am last night. She has been consistently sleeping through the night for a while now, so that was a little bit of a surprise. What wasn't surprising was that after that I couldn't get back to sleep. I tossed and turned a bunch and ended up reading comics (Saga, fantastic book) for hours. Never did get back to sleep. I hope it's not a the start of a trend, either for Abby or me.

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