Thursday, April 14, 2016

Face Hair

My mustache is long enough that it curls into my mouth when I open it to eat. I should probably look at significantly trimming this thing.

Yesterday I actually prepped for the Wednesday D&D game, but both Tiff and Larry got bound up with work stuff. Cancellations hurt this game less now that we've moved it to weekly. I'm still pondering a shift to Dungeon World but given that I started in with 5e to give them a taste of the new edition I'd like to at least get a decent amount of sessions in before doing so.

Both Carrie and my iPhones have had dusty lenses over the camera for a while. So I found a video on how to clean them out, and it looked pretty easy. True to form, it took me screwing it up a little in the attempt on mine to get it right the second time around. The video I perused turned out to be for an iPhone 5, vice the 5s. So when I pulled the face off I also pulled the ribbon cable responsible for fingerprint ID out, instead of gingerly removing it. It didn't appear damaged, and seemed to reconnect fine, but now the fingerprint ID on my phone doesn't work. I also managed to strip the small pentalobe screws near the charge port that hold the thing together. But at least I stripped them getting them in and they're doing their job. My camera lens, however, is dust-free. A new home button and screws were pretty cheap so I ordered them and will probably attempt a replacement. Finagling Carrie's phone went better, but she's got a chunk of brown something on the lens that resisted canned air. I may get a pen lens cleaner and try it again.

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