Monday, May 9, 2016

A Very Swimming Mother's Day

Mother's day yesterday. Typically that sees Carrie in Carlsbad, since Jalie's birthday is right around that time. This was, perhaps, the first Mother's day since we've had kids that we were at our own house. Pressure!

I got up a bit early, got the kids dressed and in the van, and headed out to Le Rendez-vous café to pick up pastries. Hopefully that gave Carrie a little time to sleep in and relax in a quiet house for a bit. When we got back home she was in the shower. I told her to hop back in bed. The kids love bringing folks breakfast in bed, and usually that's me. So she got to experience being piled on by kids who are helping you eat breakfast. After, we piled the kids into the yard-dump-wagon thing I bought mom and walked over to her place. Helped mom plant an ocotillo then chilled out for a while. The middle of the day was general yard/house work and whatnot. The capper was a kid's birthday party at the aquatic center. Had a blast and woke up very stiff this morning. I need to be swimming more.

Which is good, since we got the pool opened up last week. The kids talked me into letting them swim Saturday. The pool was kind of warm, but the wind was freezing any part of you that stuck up out of it. By the time we were done the kids goose-bumped and chattering. I had an earache from the cold.

Saturday, May 7, 2016


We went out to the Food Truck Fiesta on May the Fourth. There was Star Wars stuff. Good times, good eats.

Owen's hair (as evidenced above) was getting shaggy, so I took him to the barber. "Regular haircut, short."

I set up the new tent just to check it out. Ready to camp!